A Review of Solwater’s ‘Feel It All the Way’

Solwater’s inaugural album, “Feel It All the Way,” was released on March 1st, 2024, marking a poignant exploration of human emotion and experience. Led by Luke Anderson’s evocative vocals and masterful guitar compositions, the album navigates themes of longing, healing, and resilience with profound depth and sincerity. Recorded at Little Buddha Studios in Nevada City and co-produced by the seasoned John Alevizakis, known for his work with iconic artists such as Willie Nelson and Third Eye Blind, “Feel It All the Way” boasts a rich sonic landscape that envelops listeners in a tapestry of emotive melodies.


Each track on the album serves as a poignant reflection of the human condition, from the ethereal strains of “Belonging” to the introspective musings of “Follow the Road.” Anderson’s lyrical prowess shines through as he delves into the complexities of grief, courage, and the transformative power of love, inviting listeners on a cathartic journey of self-discovery. In “Courage,” Anderson’s introspective lyrics resonate deeply, offering solace in moments of adversity, while “Lover’s Song” celebrates the enduring strength found in the embrace of love amidst life’s uncertainties. The titular track, “Feel It All the Way,” emerges as a soul-stirring anthem, urging listeners to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion with unwavering authenticity. Solwater’s instrumentation, featuring contributions from Jared May, Salif Bamakora, Jakob Pek, and Aea Luz, adds layers of texture and depth to the album’s emotive soundscapes. From the haunting melodies of the kora and cello to the gentle strumming of acoustic guitars, each instrument weaves seamlessly into the fabric of the album, amplifying its emotional resonance.

The album culminates with the mesmerizing instrumental piece “Jaguar Calling,” a testament to Solwater’s ability to evoke profound emotion through music, leaving listeners with a sense of introspection and wonder. “Feel It All the Way” is not simply an album; it’s a heartfelt odyssey through the human experience, offering solace, inspiration, and a profound reminder of the healing power of music. Solwater’s debut release captivates audiences with its sincerity, depth, and unwavering commitment to the transformative nature of art.


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