Vibrations of Love, Exploring Jeremy Lloyd-Styles’ ‘2K80410’ EP

Jeremy Lloyd-Styles introduces his latest EP, “2K80410,” a collection of songs that resonates with genuine introspection and raw indie rock energy. In a world where validation is often sought, Lloyd-Styles bravely presents his musical creation, hoping it strikes a chord with listeners, providing solace or a burst of inspiration in their daily lives.


As a BIPOC indie rocker, Lloyd-Styles challenges the norm, bringing diversity to a genre often characterized by a singular narrative. In “2K80410,” he showcases his versatile talent by playing every instrument, highlighting his unwavering commitment to his artistry. The EP, recorded entirely within the confines of his Brooklyn apartment, exudes intimacy and authenticity. Each track bears the mark of Lloyd-Styles’ personal journey, drawing inspiration from artists like Mitski, Slow Pulp, Just Mustard, and Tanuchikan. The heart of the EP lies in its narrative, with Lloyd-Styles crafting each song as a heartfelt tribute to his wife on their 10th anniversary. “I’m Sorry Your Job Sucks,” “Paradise,” and “Hope the Discman Tucked in My Seat Doesn’t Fly out Round This Curve” resonate with love and gratitude, showcasing the enduring power of companionship.

However, the journey to completion wasn’t without its challenges. Keeping the EP a secret until the anniversary tested Lloyd-Styles’ patience, yet the moment of revelation promises to be worth the wait. In Lloyd-Styles’ own words, “We’re bodies of atoms vibrating, and, technically there is more space and emptiness than actual atoms. Hopefully, this album vibrates in a pleasing way with some folks’ atoms and fills in some of that emptiness.” “2K80410” stands as a poignant declaration of love and a celebration of artistic expression. Through its heartfelt melodies and genuine lyricism, Lloyd-Styles invites listeners into his world, offering a glimpse of the beauty that lies within the complexities of human emotion.

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