“Perfect Dream”, Trash Pals’ Ethereal Ode to Memory and Moment

Trash Pals, a dynamic duo comprising Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider, unveils their latest indie rock gem, “Perfect Dream.” With Conor’s rich history alongside the likes of Brasstracks and Chance the Rapper, and Gabe’s impressive collaborations with Wynton Marsalis and Jon Batiste, Trash Pals promises a refreshing musical journey. “Perfect Dream” encapsulates the essence of fleeting memories and the delicate balance of holding onto cherished moments. The song gently reminds us that like dreams, these memories can slip away if clutched too tightly. Trash Pals masterfully crafts a dreamy soundscape that tugs at heartstrings while encouraging listeners to dance along.


The band’s influences span a diverse array of musical genres, from John Cage to Nirvana, reflecting their eclectic tastes and inspirations. Trash Pals’ commitment to visual artistry extends beyond their music, as they meticulously handcraft all of their artwork, adding another layer of depth to their creative expression. Recorded at Matter Music in Los Angeles and produced by Trash Pals alongside engineer Jon Graber, “Perfect Dream” embraces warmth, resolve, and intimacy. The decision to record to tape lends the song a tangible quality, allowing it to breathe and resonate authentically with listeners. “Perfect Dream” serves as a poignant snapshot of the ethereal realm of dreams, celebrating the beauty of the moment while acknowledging its transient nature. Through introspective lyrics and mesmerizing melodies, Trash Pals invites audiences to embrace the enigmatic dance between memory and reality.

As Conor and Gabe reflect on their recording process, they highlight the spontaneous magic that infused each take, capturing the essence of the song in its rawest form. With “Perfect Dream,” Trash Pals invites listeners to revel in the strange allure of memory and the fleeting nature of existence. In the words of Trash Pals themselves, “We hope you enjoy ‘Perfect Dream’ and that it helps you celebrate the strange balance of memory and the moment at hand.”

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