GOLDSCHATZ, A Harmonious Journey Through Song

In the realm of acoustic folk, GOLDSCHATZ shines as a refreshing duo that embodies the spirit of van life romance. Swiss guitarist and singer Timothy Jaromir, alongside Canadian artist Rykka, craft heartwarming songs rooted in the American folk tradition, yet bearing a distinct signature that is uniquely their own. Their upcoming EP, “Twin Flame,” set for release on September 15, was born from rainy days on Canada’s West Coast, specifically Vancouver Island. FFO: Angus & Julia Stone, The Civil Wars. GOLDSCHATZ has become a staple in Switzerland’s live music scene, garnering recognition on local and international radio stations, as well as catching the attention of bloggers and music competitions globally. The duo’s songwriting thrives on authenticity, weaving intimate moments into their musicality. Their voices meld seamlessly, evoking a sense of genuine connection.


The “Twin Flame” EP embarks on a mystical road trip across two continents, encapsulating the essence of van life with campfire anthems and moments of reflection. This term, “Twin Flame,” signifies a profound connection between two souls, a magnetic pull that resonates in GOLDSCHATZ’s music and performances. The EP, featuring three original compositions and two covers, revolves around the untamed wilderness, drawing inspiration from the freedom of Swiss landscapes and the enchanting forests of Western Canada. Recorded in Winterthur, Switzerland, and produced by the acclaimed Giuliano Sulzberger, “Twin Flame” promises to be a captivating musical journey.

As the EP launches, fans will have the opportunity to experience GOLDSCHATZ’s enchanting melodies live, as they embark on a tour across Switzerland. With their evocative storytelling and seamless harmonies, GOLDSCHATZ invites listeners to join them on a journey of music, love, and the open road.

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