“Don’t Shoot the Messenger” Johnathan Maske’s Sonic Oration of Harmony and Warning

Johnathan Maske’s upcoming single, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger,” offers a compelling preview of his forthcoming album, The Down Valley. Far from a mere musical piece, the song stands as a powerful message, transcending conventional political discourse to deliver a warning and reprimand to those who may take democracy and the U.S. government for granted. While the song may carry political undertones, Maske envisions it as more than that — a plea for sanity, peace, and harmony. “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” serves as a poignant reminder that violence is not the solution and that societal issues aren’t solely the government’s responsibility. Instead, Maske delves into the degradation of community and the corruption within private and religious institutions as the fundamental roots of many prevailing problems.


Maske’s musical creation is an urging call against apathy and a resistance to the allure of authoritarian voices. The single aims to foster a sense of purpose in defending the imperfect yet essential frameworks of western nations. It serves as an anthem encouraging collaboration and unity, inspiring individuals to contribute to a brighter collective future. Beyond its thematic depth, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” showcases Maske’s musical proficiency. Written in a burst of inspiration, he performed all instrumental parts himself, attesting to his multifaceted talent and dedication to his craft.

As an artist entrenched in the Denver music scene for nearly two decades, Maske’s roots in the mountains of Colorado echo through his music, providing a genuine reflection of his working-class upbringing. With his upcoming debut album, The Down Valley, Maske promises to explore diverse sonic landscapes, offering a profound narrative shaped by a lifetime of experiences. Johnathan Maske emerges not just as a musician but as a storyteller, leveraging his craft to ignite change and instill hope in the face of a turbulent world.

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