“All I Ever Wanted” by A J Green UK, A Musical Tribute to Enduring Love

A J Green UK is making waves in the music scene, consistently releasing captivating tracks. Their latest single, “All I Ever Wanted,” follows the success of “Music Set Her Free,” which garnered over 182,000 streams on Spotify alone. With worldwide airplay and growing recognition, “All I Ever Wanted” emerges as a commercially appealing track designed for widespread radio play.


Comprised of A J Green on guitar, keyboards, and bass, along with Andrew Perry on vocals and Martin Dolman on drums, the band is a collaborative effort driven by A J Green’s vision. Influenced by iconic acts like Marillion, Pink Floyd, and Peter Gabriel, their music offers a blend of familiarity and innovation, resonating with diverse audiences. Recorded at Mad Hat Studios in Wolverhampton by Mark Stuart, “All I Ever Wanted” epitomizes the essence of love and enduring relationships. Released to coincide with Valentine’s Day, the song serves as a heartfelt tribute to lifelong romance, making it a fitting choice for weddings and anniversaries.

The track delves into the story of a couple who have been together since youth, celebrating their journey through life’s ups and downs. It encapsulates the warmth and depth of their enduring love, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences of companionship and devotion. As the final addition to the ‘Before The End’ album project, “All I Ever Wanted” holds significant emotional weight. It symbolizes the culmination of a musical journey marked by introspection and creative exploration. With soulful guitar solos reminiscent of David Gilmour and Santana, A J Green’s artistry adds layers of depth and emotion to the song, elevating it to a realm of timeless beauty and resonance.

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