A Review of The Nomadic’s ‘Treading Water’

The Nomadic’s latest single, “Treading Water,” is a poignant exploration of the human experience, marked by introspective storytelling and rich musical depth. Following the success of their debut album, “My Mind is Racing,” the band, led by singer-songwriter Rob Gaylard, embarks on a new creative journey with the upcoming release, “New Horizons.”


After five years in New York City’s vibrant indie rock scene, Gaylard returned home to Sydney, Australia, where he collaborated with producer Dan Frizza at Forbes Studios. The ensemble, comprising seasoned Australian rock talents like Miles Thomas on drums, Oliver Thorpe on guitar, and Brendan Clark on bass, benefits from Frizza’s renowned production finesse, known for his work with artists like Tones & I and Gurrumul. “Treading Water” captures the essence of Americana alt-rock, drawing listeners in with its laid-back vibes reminiscent of The War on Drugs. The song unfolds gradually, beginning with a gentle acoustic guitar and subtle string accompaniment before transitioning into an urgent guitar riff and atmospheric overlays that heighten the emotional intensity. Thematically, “Treading Water” delves into feelings of entrapment and stagnation, exploring the tension between societal pressures and personal liberation. Gaylard’s emotive vocals serve as a poignant conduit for the song’s narrative, particularly in lines like “I can feel it seeping through my brain,” which evoke a sense of desperation and introspection.

The accompanying music video, released on YouTube, juxtaposes the suffocating confines of corporate life with the liberating expanse of the ocean. Through haunting imagery and poignant flashbacks, the protagonist seeks solace and freedom from the constraints of societal expectations. In essence, “Treading Water” stands as a testament to The Nomadic’s ability to weave compelling narratives and intricate musical arrangements. With their upcoming album on the horizon, the band promises to lead listeners on a transformative sonic journey, inviting them to explore new horizons of introspection and musical exploration.

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