9 O’Clock Nasty’s “Retreads 1”: A Bold Musical Reinvention

“Retreads 1” is the latest EP from 9 O’Clock Nasty, an experimental band known for pushing boundaries. This EP features three remixed tracks, “Bad Monkey,” “Smash, Grab and Go,” and “Crowland,” all reimagined by the enigmatic producer Preyswitch. The result is a collection that challenges the listener while offering a fresh take on the band’s original songs. “Bad Monkey – Preyswitch Remix” opens the EP with an intense energy. The remix transforms the track into a high-octane blend of distorted guitars and pulsating electronic beats. The raw edge of the original is maintained, but Preyswitch adds layers of complexity and depth, creating a track that is both familiar and new.


“Smash, Grab and Go – Preyswitch Remix” follows, taking a more danceable approach. The funky rhythms and infectious bass lines are perfect for a night out, but not in your typical club. Imagine a dance floor where the unexpected happens, where movements are wild and uninhibited. This remix turns the original into a track that makes you want to move while also keeping you on your toes with its unpredictable twists. “Crowland – Preyswitch Remix” closes the EP with a hauntingly atmospheric sound. The remix creates an almost otherworldly feel, blending eerie synths with the band’s signature rock elements. It’s a track that takes you on a ride through a surreal landscape, leaving you with a sense of both awe and unease.

Preyswitch’s influence on this EP is undeniable. Known for his reclusive and intense persona, he has taken 9 O’Clock Nasty’s work and reshaped it into something uniquely his own. His ability to deconstruct and rebuild songs gives “Retreads 1” its distinctive character. “Retreads 1” is more than just a remix EP; it’s a bold statement of artistic collaboration and reinvention. Each track showcases the synergy between 9 O’Clock Nasty and Preyswitch, resulting in a project that stands out in today’s music landscape. Whether you’re a fan of the band’s original work or new to their sound, this EP offers something intriguing and fresh, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking music that defies convention.

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